The limited you is ready to die.…
The frustration, the worry, and the feeling that 
“there’s more” is a wake-up call. 
You want to create something BIG, 
to tap into the GOLD within,
to feel breathlessly ALIVE...
and, you know time is slipping away.
The Genius You is eager to be born.
Dissolve worry, frustration, and REGRET. 


We both know you’re meant for more.
Project into the future and imagine you’ve arrived at the end of your life…
You’re looking back at everything you’ve accomplished. All the dreams you had, the goals you set (and met), the amazing things you did (or didn’t do)…
Will you be thrilled at the life you created?

Or will you feel massive regret… because you left a LOT undone? Were some of your goals abandoned… or dreams forgotten…?
Sadly, many people don’t do much of anything with their lives. Their main objective is to simply tiptoe through life, barely “survive,” and make it safely to death.
Don’t be one of those people.

We both know you’re meant for more.
In fact, we’d bet you sense a huge undiscovered potential waiting just around the corner. your love life, in your work, in your finances...

You’re grasping for this but can’t even see it – maybe you’re unsure if it even exists – but you still long for it even though you have no idea how to bring it through.

This is how you first sense your Genius Blueprint – something big, just out of reach, out of sight.

It’s not easily accessible but when it's activated just right, suddenly the portal opens, and you leap over the void that has been insurmountable for so long.
This is exactly what we see.
It’s our job (and gift) to channel YOUR epic, euphoric Genius Blueprint – which then can bring instant cash, fabulous love and other priceless gifts in no time.  

It can feel like suddenly magic happened (but it’s not an illusion – it’s the potential you sense - now activated!)
Your Genius Blueprint is like your unique DNA.

It's "The Code" that comes from the True You.
It sends out a signal of such purity, crispness and static - free potency that it magnetizes the exact opportunity, client, or lover that is to your true taste and brings them to you.

Those that we have channeled Genius Blueprints for – those who have truly allowed the codes to “come online” – become a portal to their own dream life.

We help create euphoric openings. 
You will immediately connect with your deepest dreams.
Magically. Deliciously.

Activating your Genius Blueprint means the end of searching and regret. It becomes your portal.
In one session, we’ll discover YOUR unique key to the doors of YOUR own Genius Blueprint and create the portal to the next level that awaits.

This is not an accident.
Your time is now.
Take. The Fucking. Portal.
7 Spots: $2,220 USD
until december 31, 2021.
This is a personalized one-on-one session that is UNLIKE anything you've done before.

We dive deeply to bring forth and switch ON what’s inside you that’s waiting to erupt with the right “key”. 

You will get crystal clear on YOUR Genius Blueprint and activate it!
You'll receive YOUR activating Genius Archetype.
...and, you'll know how to start bringing it to life.

It’s a live zoom - usually 2 hours of body genius; but, activation starts as soon as you say yes.

If you’ve been in our world, you know how fast and powerfully we work...

Have questions? Reach out to our concierge at

And the best news: When you activate your Genius, you’ll increase your odds of living a life you love…

and DECREASE the possibility of feeling major regret at the end of your life—regret that you didn’t go for what you truly wanted.
This is not an accident.
Your time is now.
Take. The Fucking. Portal.