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Monogamy Doesn’t Have To Mean Monotony

You can ENJOY a passionate, committed, soul-satisfying relationship.

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I can’t say enough awesome things about working with Shasta and Ian. Their professionalism, their experience, their organization, their feedback and their knowledge that allowed me to break through to the next level was by far some of the best guidance and coaching I have ever had.

I felt more alive, more centered and unstoppable than I had in years. This translated into showing up in all areas of my life and seeing tremendous results. I highly recommend working with Shasta and Ian to anyone looking to be more successful and to elevate professionally and personally.
Danna Giroux, Model + Women's Fitness Icon
After working with Shasta, I have the practical tools and personal confidence to make this my best year yet - including a solid strategic plan to expand, and surpass my income goals. I'm not just dreaming but am now achieving!
-Michelle Winterburn, Michelle Winterburn Coaching

Don’t Think It’s Possible? We Used To Be Exactly In Your Shoes...

A few years ago, we were heading toward divorce. We thought our love was over…

Until we finally discovered the secret to relationship bliss that changed everything. Now our lives are transformed - inside the bedroom and out. We’re living from a vast love and potency of pleasure that was beyond our wildest dreams.

What's our secret?

We took control of our relationship, and took responsibility for the patterns and beliefs holding us back. This opened up a new conversation of vulnerability, and together we repaired the disconnect between us, while creating the results we craved in every area of life.

Our approach is literally the opposite of what every typical marriage counsellor tells you. It’s the stuff nobody talks about, but we CAN’T STOP talking about it because the results are sensational! Using a powerful mix of neuroscience, sacred sex, Indigenous practices and Universal Laws, we’ve discovered how to create 7-Star Love:

Divinely delicious sex and a lasting, sizzling-hot connection that satisfies your soul.
Shasta & Ian gave me simple tools that made a big difference for me and my wife.  I now understand that she wants to feel supported and seen.  They taught me to be more conscious and the little (and big) things I can do to help her feel that way.

I'm honestly surprised how much closer we are and how much more connected I feel from this awareness.  I was drawn to Shasta and Ian not just because of their advice and expertise, but because of WHO they are.  They are two authentic, passionate, genuine human beings.  Oh, and they're freakin hilarious - which makes this all feel more easeful and enjoyable.
Dr. Adam Eskow

Our Marriage Went From Ho-Hum To Hot And Heavy…

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Ready To Experience 7-Star Love Yourself?

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